Jury Duty

Welcome to Jury Duty!

Puyallup Municipal Court randomly selects potential jurors from Pierce County voter registrations and/or Department of Licensing records. You do not need special knowledge or skills to serve as a juror.

Who is eligible for jury service?

A Jury Summons Letter is mailed to you by the Court which determines eligibility to serve and explains the process. The Court requests eligible jurors remain on call for jury service for a period of two weeks. Your service month is indicated at the top of your letter.


To be eligible for jury service, you must be 18 years of age, a citizen of the United States, a resident with a Puyallup address, and must be able to communicate and understand English. Additionally, if you have been convicted of a felony, your civil right must be restored for eligibility for jury duty. If you meet all of the eligibility requirements, the bottom portion of your letter should be signed, dated and returned to the jury clerk within 10 days.

Excusal from Jury Duty?

Certain individuals may have extraordinary circumstances that would interfere with their ability to serve (extreme hardship, chronic illness as per RCW 2.36.100). Any person requesting an excuse must submit a letter or respond through the webpage indicating the hardship or reason for the excuse. Please provide an email address in your correspondence.

Requests for excuse will be reviewed and you will be notified by mail or email (if email address provided) regarding excusal from jury duty. You may use this link to Contact the Court.

Selection of Potential Jurors

While on active jury duty call the Clerk's Office at 253-841-5450, ext. 1 for juror information each Tuesday morning during your service month. Instructions as to reporting will be on the recorded line.

The average duration of a Trial in Municipal Court is one full day. Trial lasting more than 1 - 2 days are very rare.

Helpful Information

You may dress in casual attire. You may also bring appropriate reading material for use during a recess or break. Parking is ample in the lots which surround the buildings and parking permits are not required.

Jury Duty: An Obligation and an Honor

Most find jury duty an interesting and rewarding experience. We realize in today's world most are working and have very busy schedules so we appreciate your willingness to participate. We sincerely thank all of you for taking the time for jury service. Our system depends on you!

Message to Jurors

You can help ensure justice with your participation! (video; English)
Usted puede ayudar a garantizar la justicia con su participación! (video; Spanish)