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A Book Club of One's Own
Alternate Tuesdays at 6PM via Zoom
Anytime via our BookClubz page

Virtual Book Club is rebranding as A Book Club of One's Own.  The name is taken from the Virginia Woolf essay A Room of One's Own in which Woolf expounds on the need for a private space in order to create.

We are trying a hybrid format that includes Zoom meetings every other week and a message board on the Bookclubz site that allows members to post comments about the current book, suggest new titles, participate in polls and more.   Please use this link to sign up on Bookclubz and join A Book Club of One's Own.  There is no cost.


Upcoming Selection and New Format Available
Beginning September 14, Book Club will meet on alternate Tuesdays at 6 PM and offer a 24/7 message board for discussion

The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead

Nickel Boys is the story of two boys sentenced to incarceration at a reform school in Florida called the Nickel Academy.  Based on the real-life Dozier school, Whitehead weaves historical facts with fiction to create this Pulitzer Prize winning work.

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Beginning with this book, we are shifting to a hybrid format that gives participants the options of attending Zoom discussions every other week and using an online message board to post comments.  We hope this will help people who would like to join the discussion, but have scheduling conflicts.  Use either format or both.

The reading schedule for Nickel Boys is below.  Dates in bold print indicate that a Zoom meeting will be held at 6pm on that day for discussion.  You can register for one or all of the meetings here.

September 14, through p. 48
September 21, through p 83 (end of chapter 7) via Zoom
September 28, through p. 114 (end of chapter 9)
October 5, through p 143 (end of chapter 11) via Zoom
October 12, through p. 168 (end of chapter 13)
October 19, through the end of the book via Zoom

Pick Up a Copy of Nickel Boys and Join Us!

To allow more people to participate, we are adding a discussion forum to the Virtual Book Club.  The discussion group is called "A Book Club of One's Own" and it is hosted on the BookClubz platform.  Using BookClubz will allow members to post when it is convenient and will allow participation even if you can't make the Zoom meetings.  Hope to see you there!

If you need a copy of Nickel Boys to read along, we will have copies available after Labor Day weekend.  You can reserve a copy in advance by calling 253.841.5454 or stop by the library and look for the display near the Friend's book store.


Where to Find Free Ebooks and Audio Books Online

  • Audible is offering a collection of books in audio format for free.  These are primarily children’s books. This is a great resource and may only be offered for a limited time.
  • The Internet Archive is a large repository of books, audio, video, websites and software.  Access is free once you create an account.  There is much to discover here and multiple ways to access the information.  
  • Lit2Go is part of an educational resource clearinghouse based in Florida.  This limited collection of ebooks and audio books includes many classics.
  • Overdrive can be accessed via the Libby app or directly through their web site.  You will need your library card and PIN to check out books.  
  • Project Gutenberg offers access to over 60,000 titles with a focus on books that are now out of copyright. 
  • The Screen Actors Guild has a small number of videos of celebrities reading children’s books for the project Storyline Online. Listen to Betty White, Oprah, Rami Malek and others as they read a variety of children’s books.

Not Sure What to Read Next?

  • Booklist is a publication of the American Library Association.  ALA has made this journal freely available.  Booklist has long been a trusted source for librarians purchasing books.  Read reviews, peruse lists of recommended titles and see what the hottest trends in publishing are.  
  • Goodreads is a popular social site where people comment on books they have read and rate them.  If you’re on the fence about reading a title, check out what people have to say on the Goodreads forums.  You will need a free account to participate.
  • Novelist is a product from Ebsco that will help you find your next favorite book.  You will need your library card number to login. From there, you can browse titles by author, genre, target age and more.