Special Event Permits

Certain events, whether public or private, require a permit. Staff can assist in determining if an event requires a permit, and can help guide an applicant through the process if a permit is needed.

What is a Special Event?

Puyallup Municipal Code 5.34 identifies a special event as any event in which people assemble that: 
a) Makes special use of city streets, alleys, sidewalks, parks, parking lots, grounds, facilities or other city property; b) Significantly impacts the health, safety or welfare of the public;
c) Obstructs vehicular or pedestrian traffic or has significant noise or visual impacts;d) Significantly impacts the quiet use and enjoyment of real property; or e) Makes use of city services or resources.
Examples of special events include, but are not limited to: parades, marches, fun runs, art/street fairs, races, car shows, protests, demonstrations, fundraising walks, sporting events, block parties, etc.

If an event will allow people to gather and engage in an activity on a city street, sidewalk, alley or city right-of-way or other public property, which may obstruct or interfere with the normal flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic, the event will require a permit. Some events and activities on private property may also require a special event permit if they impact the health, safety, or welfare of the public. If you are unsure whether an event you are planning requires a permit, please contact the City Clerk's office. 


Any person or organization wishing to conduct or sponsor a special event in the City of Puyallup is required to submit a Special Event Permit application along with all necessary documentation. Application submission does not guarantee permit issuance. Failure to submit a complete application will delay the process, and applications with missing information or documentation will be held up or denied.

Numerous City departments work in conjunction to review all special event permit applications. This team approves, conditionally approves, or denies each application. Some permits may be approved with conditions or may be subject to additional fees (see below).


An application fee of $80.00 is required at time of application. 

Applications must be submitted at least 90 days prior to the event date. Any application received less than 90 days prior to the event will be subject to non-refundable late application fees and is not guaranteed expedited review or issuance of a permit.

Additional fees may be assessed for labor or equipment that is to be provided by the city for the event. 

Insurance Requirements

Each applicant for a special event permit agrees to obtain and supply the city with proof of Commercial General Liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 each occurrence and $2,000,000 general aggregate prior to receiving a permit. A copy of an endorsement number CG 20 12 (or a substitute form providing equivalent liability coverage) naming the City as an additional insured must be attached to the Certificate of Insurance at the time of application. Endorsements that do not include "sole negligence" coverage will not be accepted.